Service Policy

Dear Customer
Hello! Thank you for your interest in our products. Thank you! In order to protect your rights, please read the following carefully:
Warranty Terms (Applicable to products manufactured after October 1, 2013)
Warranty, warranty content
Warranty replacement is limited to the host and power supply, packaging and all kinds of connection, software products, technical information and other accessories are not within the scope of warranty replacement.
If the equipment performance problem occurs within 15 days after the product is purchased and the appearance is not scratched, the new product can be replaced directly. During the free warranty period, the product must be tested by Optical Network Technology. After the failure is confirmed, the same type of product or the same quality of the returned product will be replaced. The replaced spare part will be returned to the optical network. The fault-free product will be as it is. return.
The warranty period for external power supply is 3 months. If the repaired power supply has obvious hard object damage, cracks, broken legs, and severe deformation, the power cord is damaged, disconnected, bare core, etc. The phenomenon is not guaranteed, users can purchase separately.
When your service agency is at your service, please bring the appropriate invoice and product warranty card; if you can't produce the above proof, the free warranty period for this product will start from its production date. If the product is paid for maintenance, the same performance issue will enjoy a free warranty period of 3 months from the date of repair. Please request and retain your maintenance voucher.
The products that have been replaced by Warranty and have been guaranteed by the Optical Network will enjoy the remaining period of the original promised warranty plus a 3-month warranty period.
The following situations are not covered by the warranty
Failure to install, use, maintain, or store the product as a result of failure to use the product in accordance with the instructions;
Has exceeded warranty, warranty period;
Unauthorized alteration and tearing of product barcodes;
The product barcode or model number on the product warranty card does not match the product itself;
Without the permission of Optical Network, arbitrarily change its own configuration file or disassemble without authorization;
The accidental factor or human behavior leads to product damage, such as improper input voltage, high temperature, water intake, mechanical damage, breakage, severe oxidation or rusting of the product, etc.;
The customer sends back the damage caused by transportation, loading and unloading;
Product failure or damage caused by irresistible forces such as earthquakes, fires, floods, lightning strikes, etc.;
Failure or damage caused by other non-products' own design, technology, manufacturing, quality, etc.
Maintenance method
When the product you purchase is faulty, you can apply for a warranty repair service on behalf of the place where the product is purchased by valid vouchers such as the purchase invoice and warranty card. Due to the implementation of Quanguolianbao as an optical network technology product, you can also contact the after-sales department of our company directly when you cannot contact the distributor.
Resellers of Optical Network Technology as the dealers on behalf of customers to Guangwang as the after-sales department to apply for warranty repair services. For the situation where the new product can be replaced directly in compliance with the replacement policy, the distributor can directly replace the new product with the customer. In other cases, the distributor should wait for the distributor to replace the returned spare part after the optical network technology replaces the customer.
Customers or distributors will send the reworked goods to Optical Network Technology's freight to be borne by the customer or the distributor, and Optical Netvision Technology will guarantee that the shipping costs of the warranty-replaced product to the customer or distributor will be borne by Optical Network Technology.
Special statement
The above service commitments are only applicable to ONTRON products sold by our company in mainland China. For products that have separately agreed on the terms of the after-sales service at the time of sale, the terms of the contract confirmed by Optical Network Technology shall prevail.
Our company will not be responsible for any other commitments made by our distributors to customers. We ask you to ask the dealer for written proof at the time of purchase so that the distributors can honor your additional commitments.
Remarks: The power of interpretation and modification of this commitment shall be owned by Shenzhen Optical Network Technology Co., Ltd.