Ethernet switch application at Sanbai mountain solution

Ethernet switch application at Sanbai mountain solution

From the perspective of POE

Different security transmission

Each PoE switch is a boutique

10G Industrial DIN Rail PoE switch

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More than 10000 square meters fine chemical plant


ONV products are used in more than 60 countries and regions


16 years' experience in security transmission services


Optical Network Video Tehnologies (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd


Optical Network Video(ONV)Technology is a national high-tech enterprise. As the first manufacturer for intelligent PoE in China,with world-class leading PoE technology.ONV focus on security industry over 16 years,combining research,manufacture,sales and services for PoE and Optical transmission products.Headquartered in ShenZhen CBD Che Kung Temple Tai ran mansion, more than 5000 square meters fine chemical plant, set up in the industrial complete LongHua Sen Yu Tai science and technology park.ONV products are exported to over 60 countries on five continents.ONV distributions and offices are all around the world,providing high-quality products ,outstanding service,and advanced overall solutions. 

10 gigabit L2+ industrial core switch


Military level quality,stable transmission will not be dropped

Ordinary words thank you for your support and attention for ONV. As an excellent manufacturer of the global intelligent PoE switch, we have always been responsible for the development, manufacturing, sales and service of the product, providing you with a more professional overall transmission solution and quality product and service solutions. Please believe that no matter when and where, ONV will be your most effective office partner.

New product line

ERPS fast V-Ring network L2+ industrial PoE switch


Industrial standard ,craftsman design



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